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Aktivitas ISEI - Call for Papers

Call For Paper FAEA 46 : “Empowering Collaboration to Shape ASEAN Economic Sustainability “

11 September 2023

The 46th conference of federation of ASEAN Economic Association
“Empowering Collaboration to Shape ASEAN Economic Sustainability “

Venue: The alana hotel and convention Center, Yogyakarta ,Indonesia
17-18 November 2023


Scope of Call For Papers

  1. The integrated policy framework of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and structural transformation, i.e., transformation of the financial and baking sector, real sector (manufacturing, trading, and agriculture) to strengthen post-pandemic ASEAN economic growth
  2. Downstreaming natural resources: opportunities and challenges (job creation, economic growth, tariff, escalation, investment, transfer of technology)
  3. Demographic transition and its implications to social welfare, labor market and public policy in ASEAN
  4. Food and energy security to support and ensure economic resilience in ASEAN
  5. Digital transformation and data protection to accelerate the ASEAN economic recovery
  6. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and cross-border payment in ASEAN
  7. The energy transition, key technology, and green finance to establish economic sustainability in ASEAN
  8. Encouraging the development of high-impact industries and small and medium enterprises (SME) in ASEAN
  9. Evidence on the benefits of collaborative policies and programs toward economic and local development in ASEAN
  10. US-China rivalry implications: implication for trade and investment in ASEAN
  11. Islamic finance and economic Development: halal industry, green economy, social finance
  12. Other topics relevant to the issues in ASEAN economy


Guideline for Contributors 

  1. Manuscripts must be in English
  2. The paper should be processed in Times New Roman with a line spacing of 1.5 and a font size 12.
  3. The firs page of your manuscript should include the paper title: author’s name (s) and affiliations ; WhatsApp and e-mail address; abstract of less than 300 words; Introduction; Literature Review; Methodology; Result and analysis; Consulation and Recommendation & References
  4. Please note that all papers must be submited in a PDF Format and Word Format to FEAE 46 Committee:


  • Prof Abdul Mongid, PhD ( Chief Editor ) 
  • Prof Didi Achjari, PhD
  • Teguh Dartanto, PhD
  • Prof Hermanto Siregar, PhD
  • Vivi Alatas, PhD 
  • YB Kadarusman, PhD
  • M.D. Revindo, PhD
  • Prof Eko Suwardi, PhD
Informasi Penting  
Submission of Full Paper October 8, 2023
Decision on Acceptance Papers October 15, 2023
Contact (WhatsApp)  +62-882-2734-8958 - Jonathan Ersten


Conference Fees & Facilities

  1. No registration fee for a paper presenter whose paper is accepted
  2. Presenters accepted will get : Conference kits, a certificate as speaker, all refreshments and meals during the Conference, including a gala dinner and cultural performance
  3. ISEI will sponsor accomodation and flight tickets for accepted paper 

Materi :

Call For Paper FAEA 46 : “Empowering Collaboration to Shape ASEAN Economic Sustainability “